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Tips For Picking The Best Hotel By Disney To Help Ensure A Great Time

Picking just the right hotel by Disney might feel harder than you thought it would be. There are plenty of options by the famous theme park that it can make the decision harder. Do you want a hotel so you get the full Disneyland experience while still being able to enjoy other aspects of Southern California? Do you choose a hotel closer to Angels Stadium so you can take in a baseball game while there? 

If you are having trouble deciding where to pick your hotel for your California vacation, here are a few tips to help.

 Offsite Hotels Offer Great Perks

While you may not spend all your time at the local theme parks, you might think about picking a hotel by Disney that is close enough to the park to be able to enjoy a day or two there. You have a couple of options open to you. You can opt for an offsite hotel that includes multiple perks alongside its location.

Hotels near Disney offer plenty of great perks for the family who are visiting the theme parks or visiting other local attractions too. You can get guided tours and enjoy local restaurants. If you prefer to stay within your hotel, many offer dining options suitable to everyone in your party. You can check with your travel agent to see which hotel offers perks and discounts to attractions you are interested in.

Offsite hotels have other perks too; it will typically be cheaper to stay in an offsite hotel than an onsite one. Several hotels are close to several popular attractions such as Disneyland or Angels Stadium making getting around easier for tourists.

The Location Of The Hotel

The location of your preferred hotel by Disney will depend a lot on what you want to do in the city while there. Are you visiting Anaheim with just your significant other or are you bringing kids with you? Do you want to take in a hockey or baseball game while there? Are you planning to head to Los Angeles or take a shopping trip on Rodeo Drive?

The location of the hotel should be a priority in your decision on which hotel by Disney is right for you. If you are planning to spend most of your time at a nearby theme park such as Disney, then closer to the park is the right idea. If you have several activities planned for your trip, then choose a hotel that is more centrally located.

Reach out to local hotels by Disney to learn more.

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