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Having A Minimony? 5 Reasons To Use A Bed And Breakfast

Are you thinking of hosting a minimony for your upcoming nuptials? This pandemic-era trend for a very small, contained wedding continues to grow in popularity even as the Covid-19 pandemic winds down in the United States. And for any couple seeking a minimony, a bed and breakfast could provide the perfect venue. Why? Here are a few great reasons to have your minimony here.

1. It's Perfect for a Few Guests

A small bed and breakfast is the ideal size for the small group that usually attends a minimony. Generally, fewer than ten people total are involved. A bed and breakfast allows everyone to stay together and yet still have their own spaces. And rooming situations won't get in the way of wedding preparations held in the more public areas of the B&B property. 

2. It Provides Plenty of Ambience

The right environment is often even more important to minimonies due to their lack of most of the trappings of traditional weddings. Want a great venue for yours? Bed and breakfast inns are often historical homes, charming guesthouses, or unique converted buildings. With so much ambience, they can easily be a great backdrop for romantic, fun, or eclectic weddings. 

3. It's an Affordable Option

One of the advantages of ultra-small minimonies is that they're an inexpensive way to get hitched. But if you overspend on lodging, venue, décor, and help, you miss out on this advantage. Because a bed and breakfast wedding bundles together so many aspects of the wedding weekend, it can be a good way to keep down overall expenses. 

4. You Get the Run of the Place

Their small size means you may be able to rent out all (or nearly all) of the B&B for your tiny wedding. Privacy is ensured. And both you and your guests will feel like you're the center of the world. You can come and go as you want, stay up late, go to bed early, or spend all morning having celebratory mimosas. 

5. You Have Personal Attention

Bed and breakfast hosts usually own and operate their own inn and live onsite. So you have the type of personal attention that will make your big day even better. You always know who to call when you have questions. And your host will be attentive to your needs, often anticipating ways they can make the day better. 

Could a bed and breakfast be the perfect venue for your perfect minimony? Find out by touring B&B inns in your area today like Apple Bin Inn. No matter what you want for your big day, this offbeat location could be the best way to make it happen. 

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