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Amenities To Look For In A Hotel When You're Traveling On A Budget

If you're traveling on a tight budget, staying in a hotel may not be the first option you think of. Many budget travelers opt to stay in hostels or rooms in private homes, instead. However, staying in a hotel can be more affordable than you might think, especially if you find a hotel that offers extra amenities that make your stay easier or less expensive in other ways. Here are some features and amenities to look for in a hotel if you consider yourself a budget traveler.

A location near the city center

Your first thought may be to stay outside the city center where prices are a bit lower. However, it may be more affordable overall to stay in a hotel near the city center. In many cities, it can cost anywhere from $10 or more to ride public transportation to the city center, and then another $10 to ride back. This expense can add up! It may be worthwhile to pay $10 more for a room near the city center and avoid those extra transportation costs throughout your stay. 

A continental breakfast

If you're not a big breakfast person, this may not be the first amenity you look for. However, booking a hotel with a continental breakfast can still save you a considerable amount throughout your stay. Finding a hotel with this option means that you can fill up on this "free" food and avoid having to buy such large meals later in the day. Many hotels leave their continental breakfasts open until 11 am, so you can even treat it as an early lunch. 

A shuttle service

If a hotel offers a shuttle service to the airport or to other key locations, then you had better hit that "reserve room" button. Riding in a taxi to and from the airport can cost a small fortune, so a hotel shuttle can yield significant savings. If the shuttle is willing to drop you off somewhere else while en route to the airport, that's even better, as it may allow you to avoid paying for public transportation altogether. You can get dropped off close to your destination and walk the rest of the way.

Hotels can be more affordable than you think and can actually be a great choice, even for budget travelers. A hotel with a continental breakfast, shuttle service, and location near the city center will save you money on other travel expenses and help keep your trip more affordable overall.

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