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3 Tips For Booking A Fantastic Hotel For Your Wedding Venue

One of the most important details of your wedding day is your event venue. Since there are so many excellent options, it can feel tricky finding the right spot for your nuptials. Picturesque hotels are an increasingly popular place to host all of the events associated with your wedding day.

Not only do hotels have great spots to host events, but many couples find it convenient that their guests or bridal party can stay on-site. If you are interested in using a hotel as your wedding venue, read on to learn a few tips for booking a spot that meets and exceeds your expectations.

1. Decide If You Want a Destination Wedding 

Take a moment to decide if you are interested in a destination wedding or if you prefer to utilize a hotel closer to your home. If you decide you want a destination wedding, this opens up your search to a number of potential hotels that might be right for your wedding venue. You will have to decide how far you are willing to travel for a terrific venue. It is also important to get an estimate for how many guests will be attending your destination wedding so that you can make sure the hotel has enough available rooms for your event on and around your preferred date.

If you decide against a destination wedding, consider how many out-of-town guests will be attending your event. These guests will need somewhere to stay, so see that the hotel can offer a block of rooms for guests who choose to stay on-site.

2. Understand What the Price Includes

When searching for a hotel for your wedding, one of the details that you will need to compare is the price for the event. The cost for some venues includes everything you could possibly need for an event, including food, beverages, music, event management, and furniture rentals. Other venues only include the use of the space in their rental fees. Make sure that you understand exactly what the price does and does not include. Otherwise, this makes it cumbersome to compare the costs for potential venues accurately. You don't want to fall in love with a place that is actually outside of your budget for your wedding day.

3. Imagine Your Perfect Spot for Your Nuptials

Envision your ideal spot for your wedding ceremony and reception. Do you prefer an outside event, with lush greenery and gorgeous scenery in the background? Or, do want an inside event in a spot that boasts distinct architecture? Once you know what kind of setting and atmosphere you want for your wedding day, this makes it easier to narrow down your list of potential hotels.

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