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Flip Flops and Fireworks: 4 Ways to Do Montañita Like a Local

Tourists from every background have arrived at Montañita, Ecuador for a visit and never returned home. They now run businesses there or enjoy their retirement in this idyllic seaside destination. You won't look out of place when you visit Montañita, no matter where your home is, but here are 4 tips to help you fit in a little better:

1. Take advantage of the abundance.

Montañita was once a quiet fishing and farming village dominated by plantains, pineapples, and lemons. These and many more luscious fruits are still grown locally.  Potatoes and seafood are two fresh ingredients served throughout the city, but you'll also find more exotic dishes like cuy and tripe when you're ready to experiment. Don't leave Montañita without sampling llapingachos, which are golden-fried potato-and-cheese patties.

2. Let loose your inner hippie.

The hippies were right about one thing: Montañita is a great little place to throw your cares away for the moment. Thanks are owed to the hippies and the surfers who alerted the world to this Ecuadoran slice of paradise. Today, you can walk like a Montañitanian by being open to the vibes of the tourists who travel to this funky little beach town from all over the globe. Take a surfing lesson. Buy some local beads or fabric. Relax and enjoy the laid back, carefree spirit of this seaside haven. Flip flops are optional; bare feet are better.

3. Have your effigy ready on New Year's Eve.

Many surfers love to see out the old year and usher in the new one with a trip to Montañita. While it's true that January, February, and March are prime surfing months, it's more than that. The beach at Montañita comes alive on New Year's Eve, as people gather to party, set off fireworks, and mingle along the shoreline. If you book a trip for this party, don't forget to make your Año Viejo. This is an effigy—often of a famous personality—that is filled with sawdust and fireworks and thrown on a pile with the Año Viejos of others. By completely burning it away, you keep this year's cares from pestering you in the year ahead.

4. Know the secrets of the beach at Montañita.

Facing the mighty Pacific, the break at Montañita is Ecuador's main surfing area. When the sea is churning and the tide is high, surfers head for the natural rocky point north of the beach. When surf is down, they bring their boards back to ride the beach breakers. This is a good beach for boogie boards, too, but it holds some hazards for swimmers. Know how to spot the different colors and foam that indicate a riptide. If you're pulled away by the current, don't fight it but stay afloat, facing the shore and raising an arm. When the current weakens, swim parallel to the shore away from it, then head back toward the beach. If you're a beachcomber, early morning is your best time to find shells and other mementos. All of the party-goers are still asleep, and the beaches are serene and nearly empty of other people.

Montañita is a dream come true for travelers who want to truly kick back, live in the moment, and meet other fascinating people. Follow these rules and you'll be off to a grand beginning on your journey in Montañita, Ecuador. To get started with your plans, find Montañita, Ecuador hotels that suit your travel needs.

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