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5 Tips To Follow When Staying In A Hotel With Your Dog

If you are planning on traveling and will be staying in a hotel with dogs, there are some thing to keep in mind. While many hotels are pet-friendly, it doesn't mean no special planning or considerations need to be taken beforehand. Here are five important things to do when you are going to stay in a hotel with a dog.

Check the Fees and Restrictions

Pet-friendly hotels will let you bring your dog, but there might be restrictions or fees. Common restrictions include not allowing very young puppies with inadequate training or prohibiting certain sizes of dogs or breeds. They want to be sure other guests are not bothered by your dog, so aggressive breeds or puppies that misbehave might not be allowed. You might also need to pay additional fees, such as a nonrefundable damage deposit or a daily fee.

Find Out About the Area

Make sure when you are researching the hotel, you take some time learning about the nearby area. You need to know the places available for walking your dog and whether or not they have places you can bring your dog, such as a park or beach allowing dogs. Also be sure you know where the closest vet and animal hospital is. Additionally, it helps to learn about dog daycare facilities since you might want to venture out on your own but not bring your dog with you.

Bring Items Your Dog Recognizes

To make the hotel stay easier for your dog, bring things it recognizes and will remember from home. Being in an unfamiliar place can be very difficult for a dog, so this helps a lot. Bring their pet bed and crate with you, along with their favorite toys. Also don't forget plenty of their favorite brand of dog food and treats. Pack extra bottled water just in case there comes a moment when you need it, and bring their medication.

Maintain a Routine

If you have a specific routine at home with your dog, try to keep it when you are traveling. This includes feeding your dog at the same times during the day, taking it out for walks around the same time, and sticking to your normal sleeping schedule. Some things might be different since you are traveling, but sticking to a routine will help your dog feel more comfortable and know what to expect while staying at the hotel.

Choose the Right Hotel Room

If you get a choice of what hotel room you can book, choose a room on the ground floor. The lower-level rooms will be more convenient when you need to bring your dog out for walks and you won't spend time on elevators when your dog needs to go out right away. There might be some rooms that are meant specifically for dogs, which many hotels do. However, these are not always in the best condition, so finding a hotel where you can choose from different rooms is preferred.

When looking for a place to stay, like Mt. Laurel La Quinta Inn, remember to keep these things in mind if you want to travel with your dog. 

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