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Learn How To Rent A Conference Room At A Hotel For Your Comic Book Convention

Comic book conventions are quickly becoming more and more popular again. People will travel far and wide to be able to go to a convention where they can meet actors who starred as their favorite character in a movie, meet a writer who created a comic book, or have the opportunity to buy a classic toy they have been searching for over the years. If you want to throw a comic book convention in your area, use the following guide to learn what factors to cover with the hotel manager where you plan to rent the conference room to hold the event.

The Costumes

You need to make sure that it is acceptable for patrons to wear costumes to the convention. There are some costumes that may be a bit risque and upscale hotels may have reservations about hotel guests seeing the patrons scantily clad. It is best to talk to the manager and learn if there are any restrictions he or she wants to put in place in regards to the costumes that are worn to the event.

Selling Merchandise

There will be merchandise vendors who will want to sell toys, collectables, and clothing at the event. In some jurisdictions, vendors have to have a special permit in order to sell their merchandise at an event. Be sure to get permission from the manager for vendors to sell merchandise in the conference room during the event and find out if a permit is needed by each vendor.

Room Discounts

There will more than likely be people who will travel from out of town to come to the event. Negotiate with the manager of the hotel to find out if they can offer the patrons that want to stay the night a discounted rate for their rooms. This will give people an incentive for traveling to the venue because they will know they will save money on the overall cost of the trip thanks to the discount offered by the hotel.

Serving Food at the Event

You may want to have food at the event, if it will be going on for many hours on end. There are some hotels that do not allow outside food to be served inside their conference room. You may have to negotiate with the hotel to have a buffet of some sort created by the hotel kitchen to ensure that people are able to have access to food while they are there.

Be sure that you and the manager sign a contract that includes all of the information mentioned above. This will ensure that both you and the manager know what to expect on the day of the event and are able to refer back to it if you have any questions later on down the road. To learn more about hotel conferences, visit Clarion Hotel - Seattle International Airport.

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