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Come Along, Fido! Four Things To Do For A Pet-Friendly Vacation

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For many pet owners, their pets are members of the family. It only makes sense to have furry family members come along when you take a trip. Before setting off, do these three things to ensure your pets and your family have a fun trip. 1. Select Transportation for Your Pet Your transportation options vary based on the size of your pet, your budget, and your personal preferences. For example, if you want to take the train to your destination, some companies permit you to take your small dog or cat for a small fee. Weight restrictions governing what is considered “small” vary, but 20 pounds or less is a common guideline. Flying is another alternative to get your pet to your destination, but the procedures vary based on the size of your pet. In order for your pet to fly in the cabin of the plane, the carrier must completely fit underneath the seat of the airplane. This eliminates in-cabin flight for large pets. Most large pets must be checked and will ride in the area with other checked items. If you have to go this route, investigate the conditions where the checked pets ride. Make sure that the area is air conditioned and has an ample supply of oxygen. You can also drive to your destination. Many dog owners like this choice because they can stop as needed for walks and breaks. However, this alternative isn’t viable for long trips. 2. Get Your Pet’s Vaccines Up to Date Before traveling, inquire as to what vaccines are required for the area you are heading. Aside from the regular recommended vaccines, there may be additional shots that are recommended or required. After getting the shots, make sure to get a few copies of their vaccination records. This helps you prove that your pet has all of its shots during your journey. 3. Find Pet-Friendly Lodging When searching for pet-friendly lodging, be prepared to ask questions. Ask how may pets are permitted per room, what pet fees are required, and if there are any breed restrictions. As you browse through potential options, search for pet-friendly features, such as nearby dog parks, walking trails, and fenced-in patio areas. If you have an elderly dog that struggles with stairs, look for hotels with an elevator. These small details make a difference for your canine companion. 4. Prepare for the Trip Before the trip, have a test run. Make sure your pet is comfortable in its carrier for extended periods. If driving, head out and see how your pet does. Some pets get overly anxious or irritable; some may even get car sick. You can ask your vet to prescribe appropriate medication to make the trip easier for your pet. Traveling with your pet feels a bit daunting. By learning the ins and outs of pet-friendly travel, you are on your way to a terrific vacation for all members of your family. For more information, contact local professionals like The Baker House...

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Planning A Family-Friendly Mini Vacation

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You don’t have to wait until the kids are out of school for the summer to vacation with your family. Why not make the most of your family’s four-day weekends and plan a few mini-vacations throughout the year? The great thing about mini-vacations is that they don’t need to be elaborate. Check out these ideas to help you plan a simple weekend getaway that your family will enjoy. Explore a Nearby City If you live within driving distance of a metropolitan area, you could easily spend the weekend exploring the city. If you have small children, choose a nearby city that is home to a children’s museum, a zoo, or a theme park that they would enjoy. If you have older children or teens, consider choosing a metropolitan area that is steeped in history for an educational trip or one that is known for its excellent shopping venues or sporting events. Family-Friendly Resorts Booking a family suite at the your closest family resort has several benefits. Most family-friendly resorts are situated in areas with plenty of family-oriented attractions, giving you plenty of activity options. Some family-friendly resorts even have amenities, such as indoor waterparks, so your family can enjoy a fun getaway without leaving the hotel. For added fun, look for resorts that offer family suites with a theme so that your kids can sleep next to murals of their favorite cartoon characters or on bunk beds in their own kiddie cabin. Camping If the weather is nice, take your family camping for the weekend. It’s easy to find family-oriented campgrounds that offer activities such as swimming, fishing, and canoeing. If your family isn’t the outdoorsy type, you can still enjoy the benefits of camping by renting an on-site cabin. Camping is a great choice for families that have trouble disconnecting from electronics, because you’ll be able to enjoy activities that require your kids to put down the cell phones. Also, there’s a good chance you may not get an adequate cell phone signal or Internet connection at the campground. Explore Your Surroundings There are probably plenty of places to explore right in your own backyard. So, if you’re strapped for cash, plan a fun staycation for your family. During your family’s next four-day weekend, choose a nearby place to explore. You could visit a local museum, go hiking at a nearby nature preserve, or take the family out for ice cream and a movie. You don’t need to plan a two-week trip for your family to enjoy the relaxing benefits a vacation provides. All you need to do is research places that are within driving distance of your home to find activities that your family will enjoy, and plan a weekend full of fun. To learn more, contact a company like Cascade...

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Holiday Resort

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Comparing various resorts when planning for a vacation can seem more like a chore than preparation for relaxing time away from home. But knowing how to get the most out of your holiday resort plans will save you time and money – not to mention give you the peace of mind knowing that you made the right choice for an annual getaway. Take a look at the three tips below to see how you can make the most of your vacation. All-Inclusive Benefits When comparing resorts – especially all-inclusive ones – the sticker price shouldn’t be the one and only factor. Many resorts offer an extensive variety of inclusive options beyond just food and drink, from SCUBA lessons to ski packages. If you’re interested in getting off the property and exploring a bit, take these included resort extras into account when making your decision. By paying a little more, you could actually be getting more for your money.  Family Friendly Resorts Kids are often a handful even on vacation, and so many people are put off by the phrase “family friendly” when it comes to resorts. In fact, many resorts around the world have started to capitalize on this aversion, creating adult-only resorts that require guests to be at least 21 years of age. But the exclusivity comes at a price – and it’s one that is not always justified. That’s because several so-called “family friendly” resorts have now created sections of their resorts that are off limits to children, making for a more peaceful, low-key environment that’s much less expensive than adult-only alternatives.  Dining Much of the time you’re at a resort will be spent eating – and for good reason! Resorts offer some of the best dining options around, and it would be foolish not to take advantage of them all. That said, some resorts have a system in place that may limit the number of restaurants you can visit during your time there, while others simply may not have options at all, instead replacing various individual restaurants with a large dining-hall style buffet. While some may prefer this, others will want to eat at a different place every night of the week. If you’re the latter type of person, do some research into exactly what dining options are available to you, so that when you’re finished laying out in the sun, you have lots of restaurants from which to choose.  Keep these tips in mind when booking your next resort and hotel...

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Flip Flops and Fireworks: 4 Ways to Do Montañita Like a Local

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Tourists from every background have arrived at Montañita, Ecuador for a visit and never returned home. They now run businesses there or enjoy their retirement in this idyllic seaside destination. You won’t look out of place when you visit Montañita, no matter where your home is, but here are 4 tips to help you fit in a little better: 1. Take advantage of the abundance. Montañita was once a quiet fishing and farming village dominated by plantains, pineapples, and lemons. These and many more luscious fruits are still grown locally.  Potatoes and seafood are two fresh ingredients served throughout the city, but you’ll also find more exotic dishes like cuy and tripe when you’re ready to experiment. Don’t leave Montañita without sampling llapingachos, which are golden-fried potato-and-cheese patties. 2. Let loose your inner hippie. The hippies were right about one thing: Montañita is a great little place to throw your cares away for the moment. Thanks are owed to the hippies and the surfers who alerted the world to this Ecuadoran slice of paradise. Today, you can walk like a Montañitanian by being open to the vibes of the tourists who travel to this funky little beach town from all over the globe. Take a surfing lesson. Buy some local beads or fabric. Relax and enjoy the laid back, carefree spirit of this seaside haven. Flip flops are optional; bare feet are better. 3. Have your effigy ready on New Year’s Eve. Many surfers love to see out the old year and usher in the new one with a trip to Montañita. While it’s true that January, February, and March are prime surfing months, it’s more than that. The beach at Montañita comes alive on New Year’s Eve, as people gather to party, set off fireworks, and mingle along the shoreline. If you book a trip for this party, don’t forget to make your Año Viejo. This is an effigy—often of a famous personality—that is filled with sawdust and fireworks and thrown on a pile with the Año Viejos of others. By completely burning it away, you keep this year’s cares from pestering you in the year ahead. 4. Know the secrets of the beach at Montañita. Facing the mighty Pacific, the break at Montañita is Ecuador’s main surfing area. When the sea is churning and the tide is high, surfers head for the natural rocky point north of the beach. When surf is down, they bring their boards back to ride the beach breakers. This is a good beach for boogie boards, too, but it holds some hazards for swimmers. Know how to spot the different colors and foam that indicate a riptide. If you’re pulled away by the current, don’t fight it but stay afloat, facing the shore and raising an arm. When the current weakens, swim parallel to the shore away from it, then head back toward the beach. If you’re a beachcomber, early morning is your best time to find shells and other mementos. All of the party-goers are still asleep, and the beaches are serene and nearly empty of other people. Montañita is a dream come true for travelers who want to truly kick back, live in the moment, and meet other fascinating people. Follow these rules and you’ll be off to a grand...

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Renting Out An Apartment? Three Terms To Include In Your Lease

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As a landlord, you have to take measures to protect your interests and property from tenants who may not turn out to be as upstanding and caring as you’d assume. The best way to achieve this is by including the correct terms in your lease. Here is a look at three lease terms you should always include in order to protect your property and profits. Acceptable Rent Payment Methods If you do not specify how or when rent must be paid, you may find that you have a hard time getting tenants to pay on time or in a manner that is convenient for you. If there are several methods of payment you’re willing to accept, for instance personal checks and cashier’s checks, list them on the lease. Also, list a late charge that will be assessed if rent is not paid by a specific date. For instance, this sentence could read: “Rent is payable by personal or cashier’s check only and is due by the  first of the month. If rent is paid after the first, a late fee of $20 per day will be added to the amount due.” Names of All People Who Dwell at the Apartment Don’t just record the name of the primary tenant. Require that the names of all tenants are on the lease, including children, spouses, and friends. This will make it so you don’t end up with a tenant who moves in with five or six unscrupulous friends without giving you notice. Include a statement that says: “The above tenants are obligated to provide the property owner with 2 weeks’ notice prior to having any other tenants move into the apartment. The property owner retains the right to refuse to add new tenants to the lease.” Your Pet Policy Many landlords make the mistake of assuming that telling their tenants that pets are not allowed is enough. You may also find yourself in a situation in which you allow your tenant to have one cat or dog, but then they assume that all pets are allowed and suddenly accumulate six other animals that leave the place smelly and loud. Be very specific about your pet policy in the lease, since this makes it legally binding. Include the number of each kind of animal permitted. If you do not want to allow a specific animal, say so succinctly in the lease. For example, you could state: “Tenants are allowed to keep up to 2 cats in the apartment. Alternatively, 1 dog (and no cats) can be kept. All other animals, including rats, hamsters, mice, gerbils and lizards, are prohibited.” Don’t make the mistake of leaving vital details out of your lease. You never know what a tenant may cause trouble, and having your rules and regulations listed in what is a legally binding lease statement will go a long way towards protecting your interests. For more information on apartment rentals, contact a professional like Dale Forest...

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How Long Is Too Long? The Who, What And Where Of Selecting RV Length

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Whether you’re debating purchasing a more compact Class C RV, or you’ve got your heart set on a sprawling Class A rig, you may still have some doubts. Will the RV prove to be too small or too large? Here are the 3 main things to consider before making a choice: Who will be driving the RV. Make a list of all of the drivers who will be in command of the RV, including kids and grandchildren who may drive as they get older. Be certain that the present drivers are capable of operating the RV under normal travel conditions, and that future drivers will be able to easily learn how to navigate when driving it. If there are handicapped or otherwise physically-limited drivers, can they safely and comfortably drive the RV? Are the seats supportive, and are they able to see mirrors and rear-camera screens adequately? You want to be certain that the drivers of the RV are happy with the choice of length, since they will be the ones maneuvering the home away from home. What you’ll be hauling with the RV. If you want to tow small cars, called “toads” or “dingies” by RV aficionados, you may want a shorter rig to fit your RV/toad combo into limited-sized campground spots. Be aware that a smaller, Class B or C rig may be at its weight capacity when towing a car, especially if the RV is also full of travel gear. If there are more than two people camping in the RV, a longer rig may be necessary to accommodate everyone. You may not want to constantly fold up beds or hunt for supplies every time you move to a new spot. Parents may want to sleep a small distance from younger kids, or couples may want to be on opposite ends of the RV, so choose a floor plan that takes privacy into account. Where you’ll be going with the RV. Shorter RVs will fit in nearly any campground pull-through spot, and some will even work in tent camping areas. Longer rigs can pose problems, since some sites don’t allow the extra-long RVs, while other pull-through sites may not have the space to accommodate slide-outs and awnings. Check on the policies and the sizes of camping sites at the places where you expect to use your RV. If most of the RV camps will accept RVs that are a length you can live with, you can safely choose that size rig, knowing you and your loved ones will get many years of enjoyment out of it. There are numerous directories, both online and available at RV centers,  that list campsite features including utility hookups, amenities and rules for RV campers. Contact an RV park like Beach RV Park for more...

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Hotel Stay: Tips To Get Rid Of The Cigarette Smell In Your Room

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Sure, the best thing you can do is stay in a hotel that offers an option of smoking and non-smoking rooms. But that may not always be an option, and you could get stuck with a room that smells like cigarette smoke. The following are some tips that may help you get rid of that smell. Clean Up A Bit Odors can get stuck to several places. Some you can easily take care of, while others are difficult to deal with. Consider the following: Light bulbs attract smells. The heat from the light bulb will releases smells when you turn on the lights in your hotel room. So consider carefully wiping off the light bulbs before turning on the lights in your room. You can also ask the hotel staff to do this for you or change the bulbs altogether. Fabrics absorb smells like cigarette smoke. You can ask your hotel staff to change all the sheets, covers, and curtains during your stay. Most hotel rooms have carpets, and carpets trap smells. You can ask your hotel staff to place you in a room without carpeting if that is possible. You can also sprinkle a small amount baking soda on the carpet for at least 3 hours and have the hotel service personnel vacuum your room. Baking soda has a high pH value that will neutralize cigarette odors. This is because bad odors have a low pH value. The aforementioned are a few things you can do to get rid of that smell. And your hotels‘ staff may help you do it. But there are cigarette odors that may be more stubborn and harder to remove. Natural Odor Absorbers Believe it or not, your walls can also trap smells. There is not much you can do about that except paint the hotel room walls over. But seeing as that is not possible, you can consider the following alternatives. You can bring an air purifier with you, or you can mix 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of hot water. Let the smell from this mixture consume the room for a few hours, and it may help absorb that horrid cigarette smell. Vinegar is helpful because it removes particles like the kind left by tobacco. Think about bringing some activated charcoal. Activated charcoal contains several carbon holes on its surface. These holes will attract particles like the kind that cause the cigarette smell. Just add activated charcoal to a cup or basket in your hotel, and the smell should diminish within a day. You should also consider opening up the windows to let some of the air out. And, as a reminder, it is better to book a hotel early on to make sure you do not end up with a room filled with this...

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5 Tips To Follow When Staying In A Hotel With Your Dog

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If you are planning on traveling and will be staying in a hotel with dogs, there are some thing to keep in mind. While many hotels are pet-friendly, it doesn’t mean no special planning or considerations need to be taken beforehand. Here are five important things to do when you are going to stay in a hotel with a dog. Check the Fees and Restrictions Pet-friendly hotels will let you bring your dog, but there might be restrictions or fees. Common restrictions include not allowing very young puppies with inadequate training or prohibiting certain sizes of dogs or breeds. They want to be sure other guests are not bothered by your dog, so aggressive breeds or puppies that misbehave might not be allowed. You might also need to pay additional fees, such as a nonrefundable damage deposit or a daily fee. Find Out About the Area Make sure when you are researching the hotel, you take some time learning about the nearby area. You need to know the places available for walking your dog and whether or not they have places you can bring your dog, such as a park or beach allowing dogs. Also be sure you know where the closest vet and animal hospital is. Additionally, it helps to learn about dog daycare facilities since you might want to venture out on your own but not bring your dog with you. Bring Items Your Dog Recognizes To make the hotel stay easier for your dog, bring things it recognizes and will remember from home. Being in an unfamiliar place can be very difficult for a dog, so this helps a lot. Bring their pet bed and crate with you, along with their favorite toys. Also don’t forget plenty of their favorite brand of dog food and treats. Pack extra bottled water just in case there comes a moment when you need it, and bring their medication. Maintain a Routine If you have a specific routine at home with your dog, try to keep it when you are traveling. This includes feeding your dog at the same times during the day, taking it out for walks around the same time, and sticking to your normal sleeping schedule. Some things might be different since you are traveling, but sticking to a routine will help your dog feel more comfortable and know what to expect while staying at the hotel. Choose the Right Hotel Room If you get a choice of what hotel room you can book, choose a room on the ground floor. The lower-level rooms will be more convenient when you need to bring your dog out for walks and you won’t spend time on elevators when your dog needs to go out right away. There might be some rooms that are meant specifically for dogs, which many hotels do. However, these are not always in the best condition, so finding a hotel where you can choose from different rooms is preferred. When looking for a place to stay, like Mt. Laurel La Quinta Inn, remember to keep these things in mind if you want to travel with your...

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Staying Bonded With Your Parent After They Move To Memory Care

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You’ve avoided the prospect of your elderly parent moving to an assisted living community with a memory care unit for as long as you can. Now, however, the dementia has worsened to the extent that sometimes they don’t recognize you, and you don’t think they are safe when left alone for many hours a day.   One issue that troubles you a great deal is what visiting your parent will be like away from the familiarity of their home. What if they usually don’t know you? What if they don’t remember that you visit regularly? These concerns are valid ones, but there are ways you can manage the situation for the most positive results.  Tips for Connecting  You may not be able to spark the person’s memory every time you visit, but you can still make a connection. You might: bring a family photo album to look through together bring a CD player and listen to music they used to enjoy; they might still remember that music bring one of your parent’s favorite foods, as long as there aren’t dietary restrictions against it encourage them to talk about things they remember from years ago If the person enjoys physical touch, hold hands or put your hand on their arm while conversing. You also might gently rub soothing lotion on the hands like a massage. Accept the Person’s Current Reality When you visit, accept how your parent relates to you at the moment without trying to force recognition. Sometimes they may know exactly who you are, and other times there may be no remembrance at all. You might try giving a gentle reminder while helping keep their dignity intact. For instance, you could say who you are, then offer an understandable reason why they didn’t know you. For instance, explain that you’re wearing your hair differently, dressing differently or that the light in the room is poor.  If your parent mentions deceased family members as though they are still living, or reminisces about events that didn’t actually happen, you don’t need to make any corrections. Go along with their current reality.  Relevant Research Research from the University of Iowa has found that people with Alzheimer’s have lingering positive emotions even when they don’t remember what generated those emotions. That means that although your parent may not remember that you visited, the benefit of feeling better emotionally will have longer-lasting effects than the memory itself. Concluding Thoughts Tour assisted living facilities that have memory care units and learn about the level of care offered. Begin making plans for your parent’s move when you decide which community is the best fit. Although this life transition is distressing, have the peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing for your loved...

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Learn How To Rent A Conference Room At A Hotel For Your Comic Book Convention

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Comic book conventions are quickly becoming more and more popular again. People will travel far and wide to be able to go to a convention where they can meet actors who starred as their favorite character in a movie, meet a writer who created a comic book, or have the opportunity to buy a classic toy they have been searching for over the years. If you want to throw a comic book convention in your area, use the following guide to learn what factors to cover with the hotel manager where you plan to rent the conference room to hold the event. The Costumes You need to make sure that it is acceptable for patrons to wear costumes to the convention. There are some costumes that may be a bit risque and upscale hotels may have reservations about hotel guests seeing the patrons scantily clad. It is best to talk to the manager and learn if there are any restrictions he or she wants to put in place in regards to the costumes that are worn to the event. Selling Merchandise There will be merchandise vendors who will want to sell toys, collectables, and clothing at the event. In some jurisdictions, vendors have to have a special permit in order to sell their merchandise at an event. Be sure to get permission from the manager for vendors to sell merchandise in the conference room during the event and find out if a permit is needed by each vendor. Room Discounts There will more than likely be people who will travel from out of town to come to the event. Negotiate with the manager of the hotel to find out if they can offer the patrons that want to stay the night a discounted rate for their rooms. This will give people an incentive for traveling to the venue because they will know they will save money on the overall cost of the trip thanks to the discount offered by the hotel. Serving Food at the Event You may want to have food at the event, if it will be going on for many hours on end. There are some hotels that do not allow outside food to be served inside their conference room. You may have to negotiate with the hotel to have a buffet of some sort created by the hotel kitchen to ensure that people are able to have access to food while they are there. Be sure that you and the manager sign a contract that includes all of the information mentioned above. This will ensure that both you and the manager know what to expect on the day of the event and are able to refer back to it if you have any questions later on down the road. To learn more about hotel conferences, visit Clarion Hotel – Seattle International...

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